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Kickflip - Crazy Shit / Different World (Vinyl)

8 thoughts on “ Kickflip - Crazy Shit / Different World (Vinyl)

  1. Read more: Dominic Fike: “My music is crazy – it blends, it’s weird and it’s all different types of shit” Those confrontational moments are spiky and fun.
  2. There are a lot of different videos that explain how records work and how they are made, but the one above is really good at explaining how they are made. It is crazy that the different sound waves are cut into vinyl and that is what you are hearing. Photo taken by me @derangedvisions. The whole process of listening to a record is pretty cool.
  3. The world copes in its’ own way. In drugs and poker tables and quick, easy sex. It feels like every city has their own wall-market these days; but at the very least, it makes it easy to town-hop unseen. This new stage in their life – this broken, crumbling to pieces, stuck back together with glue and hope – it isn’t going to last. Maybe.
  4. Mar 27,  · Vinyl was crucial because it was a very advanced technology at the time that it happened, and it managed to last for so long. But when you're talking about digital ways to make music, it's a whole.
  5. It’s like night and day, isn’t it? It’s crazy. Yeah. Our boards were sick though. Skating was different. Back then that shit was state of the art for where we were. Even if we had the boards that we ride now, it wouldn’t have made us better skaters or different skaters. We would have been doing the same shit.
  6. Apr 08,  · He's on MTV because he's funny. Who cares if he's not at his prime anymore, he still shreds and he does so much for the skating community. IMO he's better than Berra but Berra never gets shit because he doesn't have an MTV show. If you don't like his shows don't watch them. /summitboarder
  7. Oct 15,  · sensei idealism: kickflip 9/11 was t-sided: fuck off get a life go skate outside and get friends you fat american fuck sensei idealism: european kickflip 9/11 was t-sided: FUCK OFF REPORTED FUCKING RUSSKI FAG.

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